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Geofencing: target people where they are…right now.

We can deploy this hyperlocal tactic for maximum visibility.

Geofencing: location-based messages

Geofencing is like installing a neon sign on the sidewalk where your target customer is walking at this exact moment. 

It has this effect:

Message pops up. Targeted customer: “whoa, I’ve been dying to test drive that. Actually, the dealership is right up here. Let’s go in!” 

Geofencing is a location-based service that tracks smart devices. Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System), Wi-Fi and cellular data, apps and software can locate customers. 

By setting a “geofence” around a specific location, you can trigger different marketing messages via email, SMS or app notifications. 

The second a customer enters the targeted area, they’ll be sent a can’t-ignore message which may be an offer, coupon BOGO or other hooks. Proximity + psychology work together very well to increase the likelihood they’ll buy-in.

The best news is that this isn’t magic: it’s science. And we know how to do it.

So, what makes geofencing so good?

In addition to making a customer feel like you’re inside their head, geofencing improves your marketing ROI. 

Here are the facts:

Geofencing is compatible with 92% of smartphones

75% of customers complete an action after receiving a location-based message

53% of shoppers have visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message

Geofencing mobile ads have 2x CTR of that of traditional ads

Geofencing: your competitive advantage

Despite its obvious advantages, many businesses are still not using geofencing. Which is a mistake. Especially if your competitors start using it. 

In some cases, even big companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have used geofencing to “steal” customers from their competitors. 

The messages you send to potential customers don’t necessarily have to be triggered by coming close to your store. 

You can send your competitors’ customers a message at the perfect moment, such as when they’re about to enter your competitor’s store. 

Something like a discount coupon could entice them to have lunch at your restaurant, buy a sneaker from your shop… the opportunities are endless.

The right message, at the right place.  

Geofencing is how you send relevant marketing messages to your customers. 

This is no shot in the dark: it’s a laser. 

Refined Targeting

Take targeting to a whole new level by sending location-based messages to your customers.

Personalized Experience

Give your customers a more personalized experience with marketing material that makes sense and adds value. 

High ROI

Earn more conversions by greeting your customer with a relevant offer as soon as they step inside your geofence.

Invaluable Data

Collect insightful data on your customers’ shopping habits from your physical stores to improve their experience. 

Ready to set up your geofence and engage your customers?

Ready to set up your geofence and engage your customers?