Newly Opened Autism Center seeks to increase brand awareness and enrollment through advanced digital marketing strategy

About this Project

Impairment in social communication is the primary deficit in school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This pediatric center provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism and related disabilities in Northeast Ohio. They are a brand new facility with no name recognition with many established competitors. There is an initial need to grow awareness, increase admissions, and hire qualified technicians for their autism center. Our team developed a plan consisting of Programmatic Ads, Social Media (both organic and paid), and organic reach to increase enrollment and sustainable growth. Through developing a digital marketing strategy that would focus on growth in helping more children, as well as increasing online presence, in a duplicatable system to open additional autism centers down the road.

Key Performance Metric were tracked closely to ensure optimal success, while adjusting for business demand

Results First 120 days

New website users: 2,770

New website contacts: 31

Social media impressions (ads): 120,711

Programmatic impressions (ads): 347,484

Engaged followers on social media: 685

Cost per click (social media): $2.07

Cost per click (programmatic): $3.19



Result #1: Grow new enrollment through programmatic ads and social media

Result #2: Build website traffic with paid and organic traffic to lead those visitors to conversions over time

Result #3: Increase online presence long term through website optimization, increased SEO, and content creation (video)