HVAC Company 85% Revenue Growth through a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy


Like many established businesses, the focus of running day to day operations can leave you falling behind in areas pertaining to marketing and growth. With nearly 2/3 of the revenue coming from one large client, the family-owned and operated company knew they had to diversify. Through developing a digital marketing strategy that would focus on growth in the key core business, as well as increase their online presence, there was a continuous uptick in internal revenue. The plan consisted of SEO, Google Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, and Social Media as an all-encompassing path for steady revenue growth.


Through multiple meetings and getting to know their pain points and objectives, we were able to produce an all-encompassing digital strategy that not only built off their current customer base but targeted to grow their direct business as well.

Our approach is always to listen first and analyze. Marketing is not a one size fits all approach. Through collaboration and listening to clients’ needs, we can develop the most effective strategy that ensures their goals are met.


When we initially began talking the Owner had a large concern that they were too reliant on one large client. If that relationship had ended abruptly they would be in a very difficult situation. Along with this, the Operations Manager had major concerns about the profitability and excess work required of this client. Besides a website and social media account, they had zero online presence. Since they had been in business since 1990, there was very little need but have realized that the landscape had changed dramatically and needed to catch up with the competition.

Another key analysis point was focusing on their current competition. There are 5+ major HVAC competitors in the market that are spending significantly on digital marketing tactics already. We needed a savvy plan that could make us compete with a fraction of the budget.


Once we had worked through the pain points and needs, our long term marketing strategy involved the following:

> Re-engage with previous customers that were not being attended to. We utilized their list of 1,800 customers’ email addresses to begin monthly newsletters and online engagement to stay “top of mind”. Results were immediate with new business booked soon after program deployment.

> Grow new business revenue quickly where needed most. With a small

> Establish a long term organic presence through reviews and SEO growth strategies

Key Performance Metric were tracked closely to ensure optimal success, while adjusting for business demand


Overall Growth Internal Revenue (Two Years): $850K

HVAC Service Revenue Growth: Year over Year: $75K

Return on Investment (Two Years): 12X

Revenue Growth Ductless HVAC: 6 months: $45K



Online Review Growth: 18 Months: 575%

Website Traffic Growth: Year over Year: 109%

Social Media Growth: Engaged Users: 275%

Revenue Growth Ductless HVAC Installation: 6 months: 45%

Overall Growth Internal Revenue: Two Years: 85%