An independent insurance agency offering a variety of personal and business insurance solutions seeks to increase volume of leads through advanced digital marketing strategy

About this Project

The company specializes in various insurance and needed an increase in leads. The company struggled to entice visitors in a highly competitive market to fill out the form on their site, giving the sales team a minimal lead profile for their initial calls. There was an initial need to grow awareness and increase exposure for the agency. Our team developed a plan consisting of Programmatic and Social Media ads to increase form submission and sustainable growth. Based on our market research, we focused on 2 insurance categories to differentiate, as well as made a landing page dedicated to each of them to generate more traction and ultimately more conversions. Retargeting, A/B testing and optimizing the campaigns increased the performance continuously on landing pages and social media ads.

Key Performance Metric were tracked closely to ensure optimal success, while adjusting for business demand

Results First 90 days

Total Leads: 48

Social media reach (people): 26,159

Programmatic impressions (ads): 1.25M

Ave Cost per lead (social media): $13.82

Cost per click (programmatic): $0.73



Result #1: Grow awareness and leads through programmatic ads and social media​

Result #2: Build customer base with paid traffic to lead those visitors to long term clients over time

Result #3: Increase online exposure never experienced before and continue to build customer base in the area