Almost every home service article emphatically mentions avoiding DIY repairs. Frequently the same articles cite the benefit of having a professional handle the work to avoid added costs, damages, or worse. The truth is that these points translate extremely well to marketing your home services as well.

We get it, you have watched YouTube videos on how to market yourself better and you are ready to be the Gary V of home services. Companies that take a DIY approach to digital marketing strategy often realize that they have wasted time and resources to achieve little progress. Even those that are successful are akin to a Cindy Lauper one-hit wonder, struggling to maintain momentum after the initial surge.

If DIY is not the right way to market your home services company, what are you left with? Working with a digital marketing agency that knows how to help you relate to customers and grow your network is the best strategy home services companies can adopt. 

Below, we outline four reasons to work with an agency instead of taking a DIY approach.

1. Find Your Audience

Home service companies have the benefit of serving a hyperlocal audience. But checking off the, “I know where my customers are” box is only the beginning. Expert marketing teams have the tools to drill down to specific demographics within a certain area.

It is fairly safe to say that not all homeowners are created equal, so why would you market to them all the same way? Perhaps your best area for growth is advertising to millennial homeowners that are less adept at home repairs. They are more likely to Google how to do something, giving your company the perfect opportunity to become the local expert.

Business owners stand to gain from the trial and error that a marketing agency has gone through to laser focus on ideal audiences. 

2. Multiple Areas of Expertise

Most people think of marketing as simply placing ads, but it has grown into so much more. The field now covers SEO, website development, and content marketing to name a few areas of expertise. A solid marketing agency can essentially provide businesses with a one-stop-shop for brand building.

Consider marketing a form of martial arts, without the silky smooth moves of Bruce Lee or bad voice overs. Frequently, a DIY approach to marketing focuses on one area that the person or company is familiar with. You can be a tenth-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, but that is only one area in the complex world of martial arts.

Digital marketing agencies operate more like a mixed-martial arts master, combining skills and knowledge from a collective base to present the ultimate impact for clients. Watching an endless stream of videos on Facebook advertising does not compare to having an expert in the subject at your fingertips. The added flexibility of having these specialists also allows you to shift your marketing focus based on real-time data, preventing advertising dollars from being wasted.

3. Time and Resources

Most home service business owners understand that they need to deploy a marketing strategy to grow their business. Yet the overwhelming majority put it on the back burner time and time again. Why is that?

Time and resources have to be devoted to marketing in general, but this is especially true of things like SEO and social media. Ask any agency and they will tell you that consistency is critical to the success of a marketing campaign. When you are juggling customers, routes, equipment, scheduling, staffing, training and everything in between… marketing becomes an afterthought.

Working with a team whose sole purpose is to manage the day-to-day aspects of your digital marketing strategy. It will ensure that the plan will give predictable and repeatable results.

4. Staff Issues Are Less of a Bummer

What would happen if the in-house team member handling your marketing abruptly leaves? That responsibility would either need to be delegated to another team member or paused altogether. As mentioned above, consistency is key.

When you outsource your marketing to an agency, these types of staff changes do not impact your ability to maintain your marketing process or active campaigns. The agency keeps moving without as much as a hiccup. 

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency Near You

Still on the fence about relying on an outside agency to handle your company’s marketing strategy? Understanding the importance of working with experts in the marketing field is only half of the equation. Equally important is devoting time to finding the right agency to fit your company’s needs. 

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