Batman teamed up with Robin, Jordan had Pippen, the list of dynamic duos throughout history could go on forever. So, what the heck does this have to do with digital marketing? More than you might think, actually.  When it comes to digital marketing strategy, there are a number of avenues that you can take but inevitably you will come back to whether you should focus on paid advertising or organic growth.

In short, the answer is a resounding YES!

Ok before you throw your phone against the wall, we understand that you clicked on the link looking for answers, so let’s take a little deeper dive. If you would rather talk with an expert, avoid the pitfalls of another failed “digital marketing agency near me” search. The Your Business Marketer team is well versed in the dark arts of marketing and is ready to help.

Marketing Basics

Essentially, paid and organic are the two different sides of the same marketing coin. The goal with both is to drive traffic to your website and get someone to purchase whatever you are selling. Each plays a unique role and there are pros and cons in both directions. When they are out of sync, you get the Jordanless Chicago Bulls when he was, “exploring baseball.” When in unison, you have a recipe for a championship run.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is generally the first thing that companies will test as they are getting started, because it is the cheapest. Let’s begin there.

The easiest way to think about organic marketing is to consider it a grassroots movement. Time consuming, boots on the ground, down and dirty marketing work that is invaluable in the grand scheme.

Usually this comes in the form of social media posts, custom images, blogs, case studies, and creative content. Companies that are in the early stages of growth can leverage the brand exposure creating a larger audience, as long as they have a clear understanding of who is purchasing their product and what type of content they will reliably engage with.

Frequently, the biggest barrier to entry in this space is time. Successfully nurturing your social media presence and all of the content that surrounds organic growth simply takes time. The most important thing with an organic approach is to recognize that it will be a longer play but will be well worth it long term.

Paid Advertising

If organic marketing is the grassroots movement, paid advertising is more akin to guerrilla marketing. Highly specialized with pinpoint targeting. Essentially, you are using tools to sneak up on your audience like a trained ninja assassin. Before they realize it, they are on your website, credit card in hand.

Ok maybe that is jumping ahead, but marketing tools like GoogleAds and Facebook Ads use highly specialized algorithms that are kept under lock and key, like Fort Knox. Marketers are able to place ads that are targeted based on age, demographic, marital status and more. So, what does that look like in action?

Have you ever searched for a product, like a BBQ pit, on Google? ….Only to see BBQ pit ads everywhere for the next couple of days. This isn’t just because you are thinking about a purchase; it is paid advertising working in all of it’s subversive glory.

Access is quick, you just have to be willing to pay. Even though paid can be easier in terms of designating your audience, a skilled approach is best. The best paid advertising appears to be organic.

Which Marketing Tactic to Use, and When

We are full circle now: when should you use organic versus paid?

Since organic is a long term approach, it should be consistent, with content continually going out across a variety of platforms. This helps garner maximum brand exposure and will aid in finding new audiences and help establish your company as an authority in your field.

Paid advertising is best used in a short term burst: sprint over marathon. Maybe you have a product that you need to move quickly, or perhaps you are running a promotion. Paid is the way to go.

If you are creating your own content and managing all of the ads, make sure that they play off of each other while each stands alone. For companies outsourcing their marketing, make sure that the agency has a clear understanding of your goals and keeps a line of communication open.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency in Cleveland, OH

Having a better grasp of the various digital marketing strategies that can be deployed is half of the battle. Working with a team that understands the complexities and the best ways to navigate will ensure that your brand is put in front of as many customers as possible.

The team at Your Business Marketer has been helping companies in northeast Ohio get the most of their marketing efforts for years. We know the market and can help open the door for sales growth. Connect with our team at 800-499-1996 or visit our website to schedule a consultation with our team.