Car sales of any kind is a brutal business, with everyone in the space jockeying for attention from car buyers. Historically, larger dealership groups could easily dominate the competition due to hyperinflated advertising budgets. Just as it has impacted every other facet of purchasing decisions, the internet opened the door for buyers to become more knowledgeable about inventory and pricing, putting some dealerships behind the eight ball.

Over the past decade or so, newer technology has entered the market potentially levelling the playing field as long as time and resources are directed their way. Salty veterans and greenhorns now vie for consumer attention through search engines, social media and more. 

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What Actually Works in Car Dealership Marketing?

It wasn’t all that long ago that car dealerships waged their battles for consumer attention through print advertising, like billboards and newspaper ads. The fundamental shift to digital marketing now has more established dealerships competing with Mom and Pop lots at an alarming rate. 

How are you supposed to rise above all of the noise and move inventory? 

Two ways:

  1. Improve your website for search through SEO
  2. Create laser-targeted, hyperlocal ad campaigns that deliver to customers where they’re at

Let’s unpack those.

Search Engine Optimization for Car Dealerships

We know that this topic has been touched on more times than the crumpled $20 bill in your wallet. But hear us out. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a phrase that has been tossed around for years. The truth is that some companies understand its potential and others ignore it like the vegan cupcakes your cousin insists on including at every family function.

Why in the heck is it so important to car dealerships? To start, around 70% of car buyers start their search on Google or another search engine. If that weren’t enough, roughly 65% of clicks go to the top five results on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Dealerships that can crack into the top SERPs kick open the marketing door like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. 

“We have already invested in SEO, so we are set!” 

To this we say, great: you have an amazing head start. But Google is about to change the way that they rank companies.

The change, coming in May 2021, will focus on site speed and mobile-friendliness. Even companies that are on the right side of the SEO tracks might still find themselves playing catchup once this change goes into effect. The good news is that there is still time, but the window is quickly closing. 

Geofencing for Car Ads

If SEO stands tall and proud like a samurai warrior, geofencing is the guerilla fighter that simply will not back down. With the ability to target consumers based on location, your marketing dollars can be thrown into action once a buyer enters a competitor’s lot. So what is geofencing exactly?

Geofencing provides you the ability to place digital markers around a specific location. A booby trap of sorts. Instead of deploying a dastardly trap, once the border is crossed, advertising will be directed to that individual.

Want to get even more devious? Ads can be placed based on a variety of demographics that allow you to target specific buyers who get in the proximity of a competitor. By placing these digital markers around their locations, you gain valuable insight into buying behaviors and a whole slew of data.

Interested in learning more about geofencing? We covered it in a recent blog.

Creating a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Is there a seemingly never ending stream of competition between car dealerships? Absolutely. The good news is that you don’t have to be a master of the Art of War to compete in this area. Tactical marketers can seal your dealership in the mind of consumers and drive buyers to your lot. 

Are you ready for a full scale assault?

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